What industries does HTS specialize in?

HTS has helped companies in various industries. Some of these include Automotive, Banking, Direct Marketing, Distribution, E-Commerce, Education, Government, Grocers, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Mass Transit, Non-Profit, Pharmaceuticals, Restaurant, and Retail.

Although these industries may vary widely operationally, what they have in common is the need to efficiently and inexpensively collect, control, and concentrate their receipts, minimize financing and other treasury costs, and make their disbursements inexpensively, in a well-controlled environment.


What organization size does HTS typically focus on?

HTS provides services to organizations of all sizes. Client revenues have ranged from under $20 Million to several $Billion. However, the “sweet spot” for HTS is $50 Million to $1 Billion.


How does HTS pricing compare to other consultants?

HTS does not have the overhead of large consulting firms; you benefit because there are no high fixed charges to pass along to clients. Bottom-line: You are getting Senior Manager and Partner-level quality at a lower price.


What is HTS payback on projects?

Payback varies based on many factors such as the type of project, your current costs, etc. However, you can expect the payback on your "investment" to be measured in terms of months – not years. And, after the cost is recouped, your savings continue year after year.


How are HTS' fees structured?

Our fee structure can be designed to fit your needs. Fees can be set at a specific amount, a percentage of savings, or an hourly/daily rate.

Generally, the fee structure for projects will vary based on: 1) whether HTS "owns" the project, or provides an assisting role, and 2) if the expected savings going forward can be objectively and easily estimated.


Can I rely on my bank for advice?

Your bank may be providing you with the best services for your needs, and at a fair price. However, 1) their goals may at times be in conflict with those of your organization, and 2) their advice may be from more of a “30,000 foot level”, not always providing you the detail needed for a successful implementation of your project.


Can I rely on my CPA firm for treasury advice?

In a few cases yes, but treasury projects generally extend beyond their areas of expertise.


How disruptive to my staff are HTS projects?

Typically, not at all. HTS is usually on-site at most for only a few short days to collect information and other data. The bulk of the work for most projects is often conducted at HTS' offices.


Do I Need HTS for my projects?

Possibly; ask yourself a few questions:

Are there projects needing attention soon – with no internal resources qualified or able to address them?

Has this organization and its needs changed significantly over the last few years?

Have we outgrown our bank, or have they outgrown us?

Have I been with the same bank(s), card processor, or other vendor for several years?

Are my banking or credit card fees getting "out of hand?"

Are my bank accounts safe from internal and external fraud?

Are we employing the best methods for processing sales, collecting receipts, and making disbursements?

Are we in full compliance with our lender's covenants?

Is my cash forecast adequate for my company's needs?

Is my daily cash reporting adequate for my company's needs?




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